My name is Regina Galbick. I live in St. John’s with my partner, Richard, three dogs, four cats, and numerous plants. I’ve been a Portland resident for the past 8 years, and, for the better part of that time, I’ve remained inextricably intertwined with my alma mater, the University of Portland (UP).

I grew up in Roseburg, a small Oregon town about 3 hours south of Portland. I initially moved north to attend classes, but during my second semester on campus I was hired as a student worker for the Media Services Department.  As a technician and front desk worker, I consistently provided excellent customer service and enabled the success of faculty, staff and students through the delivery and operation of media equipment.

After graduating, I spent 4 months touring California with the Tony award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe doing political musical comedy.  I was contacted by my former employer just as the summer season was winding to a close.  I accepted the position and returned once again to UP, this time as staff.  I’ve been employed as a Media Services Specialist for the past 3 1/2 years.  My responsibilities have evolved since that day in 2006 when I responded to a student job posting, but the end goal remains the same.  I am still striving to empower the academic community here. I know that education is a powerful tool for driving positive change, and I am proud to support a university with a focus on social justice, ethics, and critical thinking.

I am a strong advocate of sustainability, community, gender equity, and animal rights.  As a result I am involved with a variety of nonprofits.  I am also once again a student, this time working toward a M.A. in Communication, which I anticipate completing in early 2016.  In my free time I garden, lounge in the sun, volunteer, watch Netflix (Orange is the New Black!), and take lots of trips to the dog park.


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